The ultimate fun activity for true sports fans is tailgate football, and the ultimate event for tailgating is the Big Game, the Superbowl. And unless you’re actually attending the Superbowl this year, the ultimate way to enjoy the big game is the 2017 Ultimate Tailgate Party at the Win-River Resort & Casino. Ultimately, that’s a whole lot of ultimate stuff.

The doors open to kick the party off at 2pm on Sunday, February 5th (as if you weren’t already hyper-aware of that date), and the event officially starts at 3pm.

The Win-River Resort & Casino’s Ultimate Tailgate Party is the talk of the town for football fans, and this year we’ll have our best food yet along with great drink specials, party favors, prizes, and our kick off for cash event. Oh yeah, there will also be a pretty great football game to watch. Rather than watch it in your living room or at some cheesy bar on the corner, why not come out and enjoy it on five large screen TVs and two super size TV screens. Because super size is always better than large, am I right?

It should go without saying that you have to be at least 21 yrs old to attend (you know, the whole alcohol thing), and tickets are $25 each or you can get a table of ten in for $200 (that saves you $50, for those counting at home). Your ticket in will get you the included menu of hamburgers, poppers, hot wings, and a nacho bar. And if I haven’t already mentioned it, some really big screens to watch a really great ball game on.

If you live in the Redding or Anderson communities and won’t be staying in our hotel, we’ll be sad… but we’re offering a free shuttle to get you here and back that will run from 3:30pm to 9:30pm, because we just like you that much! You can sign up for a shuttle ride at the River Club between now and then.

So forget that weak pizza delivery and don’t worry about cooking your own wings this year. Let us take care of your munchie needs while you watch the biggest game of the year on a total of 7 big screens, two of which are super-sized (20’ x 10.5’), in case you forgot. Super. Size. Big. Game. Be Here.

Get your tickets Here!

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