Guest Blogger: Wayne Erickson, Safety Officer

One of the keys to the success of Win-River Resort & Casino is our strong organizational culture. We thrive because our team members understand and embrace the importance of our vision, mission, values, principles, and Guest FIRST Promise.

Safety is one of the seven values that are part of our organizational culture. This means that the safety of our guests and of our team members is always priority. The twenty-four hour schedule of Win-River Resort & Casinos places an even greater responsibility on all of us to maintain a safe environment. Our high standard provides for the complete comfort, enjoyment, and safety of all who work and play here.

The safety culture in our workplace is reflected in the positive attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values that team members share.  Our team members also understand that they are responsible to work safely and are equipped to stop any unsafe practices they may observe.  Training programs, and positive reinforcement for safety promotion, are important to help increase awareness and ownership in our safety culture.

This commitment to safety solidifies our resolve that Win-River Resort & Casino remain California’s premier entertainment destination. Our promise is to continue providing the safe environment required to serve our guests, team members, and tribal members.

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