By Christopher Orozco, Team Member Relations Manager

I have two questions for you. First, what’s that one thing you’ve always wanted to do? Second, why aren’t you doing it? Maybe you have a list of several things you’ve always wanted to do. Even better. With those thoughts in your mind, I’ll offer you this; the world needs your talent. The world needs what you have to offer.

I have dreams, just like you. And everything worth doing always started with a simple thought. A desire to do something that’s worthwhile and has meaning. Our thoughts have the power to create, but we should be mindful that our thoughts can either work with us or against us. We can choose to be unrelenting as we work towards what we want the most, or we can choose to let our thoughts hold us back. In the case of the latter, we’re choosing fear.

See Purpose in Desire.

Fear can sometimes be overwhelming; I’ve known that feeling well. But it’s in how we choose to respond to that fear that will be the deciding factor in creating a future of our own design. When fear starts to sink in, we can think back to our initial desire to do what we’re working to achieve. More importantly, we should remember why we want to achieve what we’re working on. Rediscovering that purpose can be the spark that helps you break through any level of fear that attempts to keep you from pushing forward. The desire to create meaning for others, and to help change lives for the better, can be the catalyst that helps us be relentless in pursuing our dreams. Never forget why you’re doing what you’re doing, and never forget the impact you can create through your talent.

Have Faith in Your Vision.

Faith is the enemy of fear. There’s simply no competition there. As overwhelming as fear can feel sometimes, faith is an unrelenting ally in overcoming that adversity. And from adversity, we can find we’re stronger than we ever were. This relates to remembering the purpose in what you desire to achieve. See where you want to be, and never lose sight of why you want to be there. The faith and love from our family and friends can also be so powerful, and keep us on track as we push forward. One of the greatest pieces of wisdom ever given to me was to know my value. And I encourage you to know your value. When we truly understand our value, and everything we have to offer this world, we’re provided with the confidence to work towards making dreams a reality. We then understand what we’re capable of. Have faith in your vision, and be confident in knowing you’re working on something for the right reasons. Don’t settle for the confines of your comfort zone. And in the spirit of that courage, ask yourself, why not me?

Action, Every Day.

Good intentions are a good start, but they are not where positive impact takes place. That calls for us to take action, every single day. You’ve already discovered the desire to do something meaningful, and faith in your value and abilities will give you the confidence to move forward, but our actions will always speak louder than anything else. These do not have to be grand gestures on a daily basis; they can be small steps towards doing something positive to make an impact in the world. A great friend once gave me some of the greatest advice, and yet it’s so simple; do the work. When we want something, do the work. And while you’re doing that work, have the courage to be fearless in creating your own path. This world is so diverse, and there’s so much opportunity to do things differently. Never settle for things as they are. Don’t be afraid to revolutionize the way things are done.

So, again, I ask what’s that one thing you’ve always wanted to do? And I ask you, why aren’t you doing it? There are lives out there searching for a voice to help them break through their own barriers. We can be that voice. There are lives out there looking for inspiration to move forward towards their own goals. We can be that inspiration. There are so many things needing to be changed for the better. We can be that change.

Why not us?

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