Guest Blogger: Brandy Jones, Group Sales Manager

As your big day approaches and you find yourself in a full panic….. is the cake ordered? Did we pick the right foods? How about my seating chart is Cousin Henry still fighting with Aunt Martha? Did I get back my RSVP’s? How will I get my makeup done and deal with vendors? To answer these questions and take care of all the details some will hire a Wedding Planner, this will take the stress and ease off of the Bride and the families by making sure you have an experienced person willing and able to play the tough guy and make sure everything is what you envisioned.

But what if your budget doesn’t allow for a Wedding Planner? How about hiring one for just the day of the wedding? This will allow all the luxuries of a stress free day at half the price! They will deal with vendors, make sure your reception is perfect, get everyone to their places on time and have the crowd smiling and dancing while you and your new spouse toast the night away! Remember there is no wrong way to plan a wedding, this day is all about the couple and what their vision, comfort, and wish is for the perfect wedding. Whether it be an amazing venue, or the perfect food, the best DJ in town or a fully stocked hosted bar, tonight is what you want it to be, what you have dreamed of since you were a little girl, tonight is your wish and dreams come true.

At Win-River Resort & Casino the Group Sales Department can help make those dreams a reality from the experienced staff, full set-up and clean up, on-site catering, full service spa, luxurious hotel and a certified Wedding and Event Planner. Come see what Win-River Resort & Casino has to offer, I guarantee you will be amazed!

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