Guest Blogger: Sara Stromberg Morganstern, Group Sales Supervisor and Newlywed 

Wedding season is upon us. As a new bride and planner of weddings I have a bit of insight. Nothing feels more exciting and rewarding then planning a successful wedding. With this there is also nothing more stressful than planning your own wedding. I have had many success stories here at Win-River Resort & Casino, from small intimate weddings to enormous supersized weddings. I have participated in it all. Then it was my turn. The details are the most important aspect on your special day. When it comes to family and friends everyone wants play a part. The best advice I could give is don’t forget to enjoy your special day, you may not get another chance.

Although I have been a part of so many planned events while on the job, I seemed to overlook the details of my own wedding. Did you know you need a guest list and an accurate one at that? As a Group Sales Supervisor, I am in the know as to when head counts and final decisions need to be made.  Another crucial part is the special date. When brides-to-be call they know exactly which day they want. It was a guessing game for me. Luckily I grew up in Northern California and I was very aware that the weather plays a huge factor. Choosing a date is typically is limited to what the venue has so my suggestion is simply: Book it early!

When it comes to planning and carrying out the perfect wedding you must remember it is important to ask for help.  In preparation for the wedding day don’t be afraid to delegate. This is crucial for keeping stress levels to a minimum. Although it may be hard to hand off a task, it will be worth it in the end. As the time comes near you may have smaller tasks that will need to be delegated. Don’t try to do all these tasks yourself. This is important for two reasons, it will make family and friends feel involved and secondly, as in my case a five minute task took one hour with all of the sidetracking.

After all is said and done you should look back on this special day and smile. It has only been a few weeks for me and those lists I slaved over with all the small details listed in precise order have disappeared. The best part of our wedding besides the obvious fact of being married to my best friend was seeing all of our guests gathered to celebrate us. Visiting with guests is how we truly enjoyed the day.

If you are planning a wedding, please contact Sara to schedule a visit of Win-River Resort & Casino venues. 530-243-3377 ext.1430

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