Guest Blogger: Kim Kinyon, Marketing Manager

The true meaning of Valentine’s Day to this blogger is not about telling your significant other I love you more today than any other day of the year…for me it is all about DESSERT! Yep, Valentine’s Day is a cheat day. I love walking down the candy aisle the day after Christmas and seeing all the red and pink chocolate candy packages. The seasonal aisle is my favorite during the months of January and February.

Heart shaped chocolate covered peanut butter, chocolate dipped strawberries, cookies, fudge, truffles, pretzels dipped in white chocolate, and anything with sprinkles will do just fine. I do not discriminate! If you are a true choco-holic this is the best holiday ever invented. Skip the flowers, wine, and surf & turf dinner and give me a bag of pink and red M&M’s and I will love you more on February 14 than on the 13th.

If you love sweets as much as I do then you should check out my “Be my Valentine” and “Yummies” Pinterest boards…if you have 2-3 hours of free time, you will find your way through about 1600 pins of chocolate lovers delight. If you don’t have that much free time on your hands but do love to indulge in a sinful treat, then you must try this easy 3 ingredient dessert. Get the delicious recipe below. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mocha Almond Fudge Cake Balls


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P.S. February 15 the Easter candy comes in. YEH!

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