Thanksgiving Buffet & Home for the Holidays Special
Thanksgiving is coming! When the whole family comes together to enjoy each other’s company and eat until they loosen their belt and pass out on the couch watching football. Well, this year maybe not the football… You get to see all those family members that you avoid like the plague the rest of the year, like uncle Mike who’s never been wrong about anything in his life and loves to correct you about everything, cousin Betty who brings her newest husband every year, and the twins who are finally old enough to inflict actual physical damage in their never-ending fight about everything. Joy!
Forget the Thanksgiving meal mess and join us at the Win-River Resort & Casino for our fabulous Thanksgiving Buffet. Don’t miss out on our mouthwatering carving station with Prime Rib and Roasted Turkey. You are welcome to eat all the mashed potatoes you want and don’t have to fight Uncle Earl for the bowl of stuffing. Let us serve you and pick up the mess, because like grandma always said, “that crap gets old fast – get your own food, you lazy bum”.
Don’t forget our Home for the Holidays Beer Specials! Sunday, Nov. 19 to Saturday, Nov. 25, you can choose from Fall River Brewery, Lost Coast, and Sierra Nevada beers for only $3.50 at all bar locations at WRRC.
Our awesome Thanksgiving Buffet is only available Thursday, November 23 – because that’s Thanksgiving Day. And it’s the day that you’ve already been planning to have something to do somewhere else so you don’t have to deal all the family stuff. Mom says “stuff” is the nice way to put it. It’s only $28 with a Free River Club Card, or $36 if you’re too lazy to get a free card. Kids ages 5-12 eat for only $11 and kids under 5 are free. Reservations are highly suggested because everyone else’s family is just as dysfunctional as yours and the food is downright mouth-watering. To see the full menu you can go here.
See you soon! (No Earl, I’m not talking to you)

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