Published February 16, 2018. By Christy Largent, Employee Engagement Expert

This has been a doozy of a week! Overwhelming everything is the Florida nightmare. And this is just one more tragedy when it feels like, more than any other time in history, bad news is the overwhelming message of the world.

But I have found some ways to stay positive, no matter what the latest news. This is not to minimize the pain and sorrow of our world, but to find a way to keep being positive and moving forward, doing what only I can do to make it a better place.

Maybe these ideas will help you too.

  1. Make sure you are living a grateful life. I have a little sign in my window by my dining table that reminds me to “Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart” and that wisdom holds especially true during difficult times. It’s almost impossible to be sad when you are being grateful. Every morning remind yourself what you are thankful for. There’s alway something. Science has shown us that what we think about, expands. So even, and especially, during difficult times, remind yourself to be thankful.

This morning as I drove my son to school, we went through our list of what we are thankful for. The sunshine, a car that works, money to buy gas and insurance, a good school to go to, teachers that care, a family that loves each other, the beautiful mountains around us, the green lights…and the list went on. Not only am I becoming more thankful minute by minute, but I’m teaching my 10-year-old to put his mind on positive things as a way to start the day.

  1. Take action where you can. There is nothing more dis-empowering than feeling like a victim. I want to remind you there is always something you can do to make things better. If you are inspired to action from this most recent school shooting, here are some suggestions:
  • Write your congressional representative.
  • Gather a group of parents together to discuss school safety and education ideas for your own children’s school.
  • Volunteer at your local elementary school or public library.
  • Get involved in your community government.
  • Serve food at your local Rescue Mission.

There is always a way to get involved. You may not directly see the connection between serving at the mission and affecting public policy, but I promise you, they are connected. One thing you do, will impact your entire community. And your community. And the world.

  1. Live on purpose. There is no time to wallow in sorrow and grief when you are living on purpose. Being actively engaged living out your true calling, is the best antidote for apathy and helplessness. I can’t do anything directly for that devastated community in Florida. But I can make an impact here in my own circle of influence by bringing positivity and encouragement to my own people. I can write my next post, or prepare my next speech or create my next YouTube video doing what I am called to do. And it will make a difference. I may not see that difference, but I know that my mindset tuned to my highest purpose, will do the most good, for the most.

I hope these simple ideas will spur you on to living a positive and engaged life, no matter what you hear on TV or read on the internet. It’s a dark time for sure, but I know without a doubt that you, being your best you, can, and will, make a positive difference both for today and for tomorrow.


Christy Largent is a professional speaker and positivity expert. She helps people find the Bright Side at home and at work. Using her positivity principles, she also helps forward thinking organizations increase employee engagement. For more information and other articles like this, visit her website at

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