Did you over indulge this holiday season? Too many Christmas cookies, ham, mashed potatoes, bread and spirits? I wish I could check in to a health spa for 30 days to detox from all the over indulgence. Well for most of us, this isn’t an option, so here are a few tips to create a home health atmosphere at home.

  • Clear out the calorie bombs! Remove any risky, fattening or unhealthy foods from your pantry
  • Take control of your environment. Organize your areas. Stock your home and office with healthy foods such as ready-to-grab fruit and veggies. If you are into Keto grab low carb veggies, hard-boiled eggs, or plain Greek yogurt.
  • Hit the ground running. Start every day with physical activity. Jump on the treadmill, go for a walk, or try yoga.
  • Don’t skip breakfast. Eat breakfast every morning, preferable at home so you are not tempted by the office donuts.
  • Eat light at night. Try to consume fewer calories in the evening. Soup is recommended for feeling fuller on less.
  • Get a lot of rest. Sleep at least 7-8 hours nightly. Studies show that sleep disturbances are correlated with weight problems.
  • It takes a village! Spend time with like-minded people. If your spouse or friends are not on board it may be difficult to stick with any plan. Team work is key!

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