With it being the holiday season which actually means “dessert season,” makes me ponder the question is it puh-kahn or pee-can pie? This West Coast gal loves pecans and I pronounce it pee-can, but have I been pronouncing it incorrectly? If you’re from Georgia, you prefer puh-kahn and pecans are as precious as their famous peaches.

There are many debates about the pecan and this pecan pronunciation thing is a tough nut to crack. There are many other mind-blowing questions I have…… is it soda or pop? Is it carmel or caramel? I’m so confused. What about mayonnaise? How do we know if we are pronouncing it correctly?

If you have the answer, please comment below…I need clarification before I go nuts. In the meantime, check out the study conducted at the NC State University about puh-kahn or pee-can dialect based on where you are from. http://www.farmflavor.com/at-home/cooking/how-do-you-say-pecan-mapping-food-dialect-trends-across-the-u-s/


Click photo for 11 Pecan Dessert Recipes


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