How can you help victims of domestic violence and have a blast at the same time? By putting on your poker face, that’s how.

Win-River Resort & Casino is inviting any and all poker players to join us on Saturday, June 4 at 12pm for the One Safe Place Charity Poker Tournament. Your $230 buy-in for the tournament gets you $20,000 in tournament chips plus a $10 dining voucher, because we know the kind of appetite you can work up trying to get a royal flush. $200 of your buy-in goes into the prize pool, while the remaining $30 is donated directly to the One Safe Place charity to help fund their 10th Annual Dancing with the Stars Shasta County Style event.

One Safe Place provides legal services, safety, and emotional support to intimate partners, children, and seniors affected by domestic violence and sexual assault in the Shasta County area. Together, we’re working toward a future where everyone in our community feels strong, healthy, and safe at home. Their 10th Annual Dancing with the Stars Shasta County Style event will be held this year on June 25 from 6pm to 9pm at the Cascade Theater. Domestic violence and sexual abuse are huge problems in our society, so we’re more than proud to be partnering with One Safe Place to help put an end them.

Won’t you come out and join us for this worthy cause? After all, you do get to compete in an awesome poker tournament. And poker is the great American past time. Behind baseball, I guess. And maybe fishing. But still, poker’s right up there in the mix. And besides, we’re not having a baseball or fishing tournament. So for the purposes of this announcement, we’re gonna go ahead and make poker the national past time. Creative license and all, you know.

If you would like to make a donation towards our very own Dancing Queen Darrah Hart, who will be performing at Dancing with the Stars-Shasta County Style, click link All donations benefits One Safe Place.

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