By: Kim Kinyon, Marketing Manager

The worst part of my day is getting ready for work and the older I get the process gets longer and longer. Before I can even acknowledge and be grateful for another day on earth, I have to get COFFEE! Not just one cup, but two. I set my alarm for 5:30am every day with the intention of getting to work early. I think on average I hit the snooze 2-3 times… at 6am I finally get my first cup of coffee. I watch the local news for at least an hour while I drink my coffee. I also check social media and emails during this hour. I may even throw a load of laundry in or go through the mail….I know, I know why don’t I do this in the evening? I have given this a lot of thought and I think I must like chaos in the morning. At 7am Good Morning America comes on…I make a deal every morning that I’ll only watch GMA until 7:15am..This never works. At 7:30am I panic and say to myself, “OMG I have to get in the shower and get my butt in gear.” The time has come to REALLY get ready for work.

Shower, hair, make-up and getting dressed takes a good hour…yes an hour! Finally out the door at 8:30am to arrive at work just before 9am. Sometimes there is a huge problem… I realize my gas light has been on for 2 days. I chance it and drive straight to work with the hope that I make it to Win-River Mini-Mart after work.

Now notice I said getting ready for work is the worst part of my day and not my job. Being a part of the Win-River Resort & Casino team is the best part of my day, unless there are cupcakes involved at some point during the work day then it comes in 2nd. I forgot to mention that every morning from 7:30a-8:30a I listen to Pandora. This morning I happen to catch an advertisement on Pandora about California Tribal Gaming published by CNIGA, California Nations Indian Gaming Association. This Ad talked about the economic impact of tribal government gaming in California. See Ad below. This message really made me proud  and thankful to play a part of California Tribal Gaming and Win-River Resort & Casino. My long drawn-out morning process was totally worth it this morning. If I had left any earlier I would have missed this message. Thank goodness I am a really good procrastinator.


For more information about CNIGA see


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