Guest Blogger: Kim Kinyon, Marketing Manager

Facebook introduced their new “reaction” feature on February 24, 2016. This new technology allows users to express more than just a “like” on posts. Users have a choice of six emoji’s to choose from; like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry. Even Marketers are taking advantage of the “Reaction” buttons. (I applaud you Chevy, very creative.)

I’m addicted to emoji’s and I admit I was that young girl that dotted her i’s with hearts. It is so fun to send a heart or happy face to let someone know you are thinking about them. Why don’t we call and chat with friends anymore? Social media even reminds us when our friends/followers are having a birthday. No need to call and wish them a happy birthday, just send a cute smiley face and birthday cake emoji . I am certainly guilty of over using emoji’s to express my feelings. Today I will take a vacation from the emoji world and call my friends more. I challenge you to call a friend or family member the next time you are tempted to send an emoji.

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