Guest Blogger: Christopher Orozco, Human Resources Manager

Throughout the history of our organization, we’ve been committed to providing our guests with unforgettable memories and creating an experience they’ll never forget.  It’s what we love to do!  But before that can happen, we believe in providing a premier employment experience for the people that make the Win-River experience possible: our team members.  As of this writing, we have almost 400 unique and extremely talented individuals that all share the same passion for the delivering the highest level of service to our guests.  Our team members are the heart of this organization.  With that in mind, we’re always focused on nurturing a culture that empowers our team members to do their best work, and rewards them for their efforts.  And who better to let us know how we’re doing as an employer than our team members?


Beginning this year, we’ve begun a new annual survey exclusive to our team members to gauge their satisfaction on working at Win-River Resort & Casino.  We want their feedback to be candid and honest, so we ensure their feedback is anonymous.  Critical areas of the survey included the effectiveness of organizational leadership, teamwork, communication, and our total rewards program.  We’re very pleased that almost 90% of our team members participated, and the feedback was incredible!  When asked how satisfied a team member is overall with working at Win-River Resort & Casino, almost 83% responded “Very Satisfied” (the highest rating)!  When asked how important our guest service standards are in a team member’s daily work, 75% of our team members responded with “They Are Essential in my Work” (the highest rating)!


Overall, we’re incredibly satisfied with the results!  But there are still areas we’re going to continue to focus on to ensure we’re providing the absolute best employment experience found anywhere!  If you’re a team member reading this, rest assured that we absolutely value your feedback and are working diligently to create exciting plans for the future!


We’re so proud of the organization we’ve built together, and we’re so grateful for the team members that have made it happen.  If you share our passion for premier gaming, entertainment, and hospitality, please be sure to keep an eye on our careers page.  It’s always updated with the latest career opportunities we have to offer!


In closing, I’d like to leave you with a few of the comments from our team members about their feelings on working here at Win-River (I agree with them wholeheartedly):


“I love working here and am super proud to be part of the team.”


“My teammates are my family.”


“I enjoy my work and working with my department gives me great pleasure of being here. I am very appreciative of the benefits and rewards and many other incentive that Win River provides.”


“This is the best job I have ever had. Plan to retire from here.”


“BEST PLACE TO WORK!!! Could not be happier!”

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