Who wants to be healthier? Everyone! You, the person that didn’t raise your hand, we’re going to assume that you didn’t understand the question.

When we’re healthy we simply enjoy life more, so preventative care that keeps our wellness levels high makes life better all around for everyone and anyone.

That’s why the Redding Rancheria with Redding Rancheria Tribal Health Center and Win-River is proud to present Discover Health 2016! The annual Discover Health event is sponsored by Redding Rancheria and will be held this year on Wednesday, August 3 from 9am until 2pm. Health and Fitness vendors will be located in the Win-River Resort & Casino Event Center, as well as in the Eagle Room and at the Redding Rancheria Community Center.

This exciting day of celebrating wellness and preventative health care is an event that no one should miss, because health is something every one of us needs to be mindful of! We’ll have health screenings, information on how to live a healthier lifestyle, blood pressure testing, body fat analysis, cholesterol screenings, diabetes pre-screenings, and more, all for absolutely FREE!

Don’t let another year pass not knowing the state of your health. These free screenings could be what ends up saving your life from troubles you aren’t even aware of yet. And even if you aren’t in danger of a serious health issue, just learning simple ways to improve your health can make your coming years more enjoyable and fun-filled!

So mark your calendars, grab your friends and family, and head on down to the Discover Health Redding Rancheria annual health fair, presented by Redding Rancheria Tribal Health Center, Redding Rancheria, and Win-River Resort and Casino. All ages are not only welcome but encouraged to come!

For more information about the health fair, contact Trish Stoffers at (530) 226-1734 (TrishS@redding-rancheria.com) or Meuy Saelee at (530) 339-7470 (Meuy.Saelee@win-river.com).

Even health is better at the River!

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