“Oww! Stop pinching me! I told you, I wore my green undies – and no, I’m not gonna prove it. Geez, you people and your pinching.” Does this sound familiar to you? Have you, like so many others, been the repeated victim of St. Patrick’s Day pinchers over the years, just because you forgot to wear green or refused to compromise your fashion sense to fit in with the crowd?

You don’t have to suffer anymore. The answer is simple – drink green beer instead. You’ll technically be carrying a green accessory. Okay, maybe not, but you’ll at least have a little liquid courage to tell all the pinch monsters to beat it if they know what’s good for them.

What, you don’t have any green beer, you say? Never fear, there’s an answer for that conundrum too. Win-River. And you get great food to boot.

Get Your Green Beer Here! Our St. Patrick’s Day Special on Friday, March 17 in Elements is a virtual smorgasbord of delicious Irish delicacies and, of course, green beer.

Breakfast is happening from 8am-11am for only $10 with your River Club Card, and $13 without a card. But why wouldn’t you have one? They’re free, after all, and you’ll save three bucks on the Homemade Corned Beef Hash served with eggs your way.

Lunch & Dinner will be served from 11am-10pm for a measly $15 with River Club Card and just $17 without a card, but again – why? You’ll get some scrumptious Corned Beef & Cabbage with carrots & potatoes or Vegetable Shepard’s Pie. Begorrah!

Dessert is Homemade Irish Cream Chocolate Cheesecake for only $7 with River Club Card or $9 without a card (don’t make me ask again).  

And of course, it wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without Green Beer Specials – Friday, March 17, Available at all bar locations. From 8am – 6pm get a 16oz for $2.50 or a 22oz for $3.50. From 6pm – 1am indulge in 16oz of emerald ale for $3.00 or 22oz for $4.50.

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