bingo 6.13.16

Is Baccarat confusing to you? Roulette a little too risky? Maybe you want something more than slots, but you’re tired of always defaulting to blackjack (although personally I can’t see ever getting tired of blackjack). What to do? Here’s a hint: B-11, I-25, G-55, O-72. BINGO! Actually, not just bingo, but bingo double action at the River.

Bingo is better at Win-River Resort & Casino. Why? Well, first of all we offer both paper cards or electronic hands free bingo. Not good enough? How about the fact that all of our bingo games are 100% non-smoking? Getting better? Then let’s move on to the biggie – Win-River gives away over $100,000 every month in bingo winnings. Now we’re talking, right? But let’s not stop just yet, because we haven’t even mentioned that we donate 10% of all our double action sales to a different local charity every month. Now that’s something worth playing for!

Bingo is a classic game of chance, and everyone loves the thrill of hearing their winning number called. When that number can get you a chunk of the monthly $100,000 winnings at Win-River, it’s all the more thrilling. And when you know that just by having fun and playing you’re helping a local charity accomplish their mission, why wouldn’t you come play?

What kind of charities do we support? Glad you asked. This month (that’s June, if you’re calendar-challenged), we’re donating 10% of the monthly winnings to the Shasta County Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council, a mouthful of a name but a worthy cause if ever there was one. Shasta CAPCC is a non-profit organization that serves as an umbrella for a wide range of projects throughout Shasta County that provide community outreach, youth development, family support, and child abuse prevention education and awareness activities. In short, they help protect and grow our young people, especially those at risk. What could be more worthy than that?

So come on out and have some Bingo fun with us. You have as good a chance as anyone to walk away with some great winnings, but even if you don’t win any cash you’ll still be a winner in the eyes of the children of Shasta County.

Wait, did they just call N-34??


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