It’s October. A slight chill is seeping into the air, football is in full swing, and everyone is gearing up to wear ridiculous costumes and go door to door asking strangers for candy. What a strange tradition.

One tradition that isn’t so strange, and is also obviously linked to the tenth month of the year, is Oktoberfest. That’s right beer lovers – and who isn’t a beer lover, after all? – Every Friday is Oktoberfest at Win-River Resort & Casino. It’s true. You’re not dreaming. We call it Beer Flights Fridays.

Every Friday, enjoy a sampler from our amazing collection of craft beers. You get (4) 5oz Drafts for only $5 Bucks! What kind of incredible deal is that for some awesome craft beer? Flights can be enjoyed every Friday in Elements.

We have over 16 craft beers on tap, from the 7.10% Fall River Hexagenia to a 4.2% Guinness. Mmm… Guinness. Or why not come try an Ace Pineapple Craft, or some other taste of beer deliciousness that you haven’t tried before? You can check out our complete list of current beers on our website. Hey, we can’t make everything that easy for you. But we’re 100% sure you’ll find a few (or more) that you will love.

In fact, you might love them so much that the drive home isn’t exactly an option anymore. If you do partake in too many flights (yes, there is such a thing as too many), don’t forget we always offer our SafeRide Shuttle service every Friday & Saturday. See our SafeRide maps and sign up procedure at Or you can plan ahead and just book a room for the night (the ‘too many’ limit grows a bit when you don’t have to go anywhere).

Don’t miss out on the fun and, of course, the great beer options. Come on out to the Win-River every Friday.

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