What exactly is safety and what makes a safe environment?

For most individuals and families, safety is one of the highest priorities when it comes to choosing a relaxing destination- vacation, a simple day of fun, or even a place to work. That’s why Win-River Resort & Casino has made it one of their top priorities to ensure that each and every guest can enjoy the full Win-River Resort & Casino experience in the safest and most comfortable atmosphere possible. Whether you’re hitting the slots, playing the tables, taking in a live event or enjoying the finest dining Redding has to offer at Elements Restaurant, the security team at Win-River Resort & Casino will be working hard to ensure that you and your family are safe and content during your stay.

The Security Department at Win-River Resort & Casino prides itself on safety as a priority through its Premier Customer Service.  As one of the core values, the department takes a serious approach to safety, even taking it a step further to include it in their Mission Statement, “The Win-River Resort & Casino Security Department will provide outstanding customer service while ensuring the safety of our Guests, Team Members, and Tribal Members.”

How does the Security Department keep guests safe and sound?  The Win-River Resort & Casino treats guests like family and the Security Department is no exception to that rule. The Department meets and greets guests, breaking down that awkward wall of silence and unfamiliarity.  Communication lines are open and security personnel are encouraged to get to know guests by name. This starts a process of familiarization.  Being acquainted with others creates a feeling of comfort, making your stay more enjoyable, pleasant and worry-free. Don’t be shy to say “hello”, nod, or smile at any of the Personnel. You are now family.

You may notice that you may have walked by one member of security in the lobby one day and then walked by the same member at the restaurant the next day.  This is because the Security Department does not have fixed post positions.  They are constantly moving throughout the grounds to keep a fresh eye on everything, everyone, and assists guests with any of their needs.

Each member of the Security Department is medically certified.  All Supervisors are instructors for all in-house training, ensuring that EVERYBODY is trained correctly and specific to the Win-River Resort & Casino environment and the needs of its guests.

Security Manager, Jeff Fish says “We all work together as a TEAM and here at Win-River Resort & Casino, we have a very strong support system.”  All guests are encouraged to speak to any member of the Security Department- each individual is supportive, informed, and responds in a timely manner.  With this team, feel at home, safe and sound, at Win-River Resort & Casino.



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