Guest Blogger: Matt Bogdanovich, Media Plus

My brother and I had been trying to plan a weekend to go fishing for over a month.  Like most fishing plans, it seems that the day will never actually become reality.  Like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting for the time to pass is painful.

Bob and I have been fishing together all of our lives.  If you both have the same philosophy, it helps.  Bob and I both believe that being on the water and fishing is just fine, even if there are no fish, as long as the conversation is good.  If the fish do cooperate, then that is a bonus!  It’s not easy to be locked onto a small floating object with just anyone.  There are some people that I just completely refuse to go fishing with, for fear that I might wind up in jail.  Not so with my brother Bob.  We always have a grand time.

The day is now upon us and I am waiting for my brother to arrive.  I scurry around the house and prepare all of my fishing and boating equipment, while keeping an eye on the weather and looking at the internet for new fishing reports from Lake Shasta.

It’s the middle of May and the fish seem to be scattered, at least that is what the reports tell us.  That is one thing I have always second guessed.  The people who write these reports; are they selling lures?  If they give a good report on a location, will it still be good fishing when I get there, or has the opportunity past?  For this weekend, I don’t have to second guess, because there are no favorable trout reports.  A few on the top, a few 35 feet down, and some in between.  They are all over the place.

My brother, Bob, is finally here!  As he pulls up, my truck is idling and loaded with the boat trailer and all the gear.  That is, except for that important item that I know I forgot, whatever that might be …. This time.  All that is left, prior to departure, is to load his gear and we are off!

My house is in Redding, only minutes from Win-River Resort & Casino. So, it only takes 30 minutes to get to the lake and launch the boat. We have finally started our much anticipated fishing trip.

We launched at Centimudi launch ramp, which is very close to the dam.   Now, it is across the lake to the Dry Creek area, which I frequent.

The fish snitch is not marking any bait and only showing a few scattered fish.  You ask what a fish snitch is?  Some people call them fish finders.  Last time I checked, it never found a fish for me.  It only snitched out where they were hiding, so they can be found.

We troll for about 2 hours with no luck whatsoever.  We tried all types of color combinations, different speeds, and changed depths multiple times.

Bob and I came to the conclusion that all this over thinking was making us hungry.  We built a couple of sandwiches and started eating.  We probably should have tried this a long time ago; both lines are singing and fish are peeling out line.  Of course, when our mouths are full and fingers are full of mustard and mayonnaise.  The jars of condiments and lunch meat bags are all open and scattered across the engine box at the back of the boat.  Try reeling in a fish and putting away condiments!  It wasn’t easy.  Of course we are both arguing during this fire drill.  Arguing who’s fish is bigger and who is going to put down there rod and net the other guys fish.  In the meantime, the fish cross our lines.  This started a new layer of issues.  His fish came in first, so I dropped my rod, netted the fish and laid it across the spread of food that would have possibly been our next round of sandwiches.  Then I got my line uncrossed from his and landed my fish.  None of our fish were of any size, but my assumptions were right.  They were two land locked salmon.  Bright silver and shiny, thick tails.  Beautiful fish!

We finished our sandwiches and cleaned up our mess.  Marking our spot well, so we can troll through the same area.  We continued to go through the same spot and limited out, with 2 more double headers.  Bob and I were home before 3 p.m. and happy that we could cook our own fish.  If all else failed, we could have had fish and chips at Creekside Pub & Grill in Win-River Resort & Casino.

Another great day fishing with my brother Bob.  The bad thing about a great fishing weekend, is what will surely happen the next time we fish. We all know the odds are not in our favor.

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