It’s back! Are you ready for some cold brew and everything bacon? Don’t get me wrong. Quinoa is great.. I guess. Kale occasionally? Sure, why not. I mean, most any food is okay in the right context and with the right amount of moderation. Then there are foods that go beyond the label “superfood” and reach the “give me more, right now” level. These are foods that we could eat all day, every day, forever more or at least until the doctor says we’re going to die from it. Then and only then do we moderate our intake. And sitting at the pinnacle of this food of the gods group is, of course and unquestionably, Bacon.

Bacon is what makes the world go around. Literally. Look it up. No one in history has ever said “no, I don’t want another slice of bacon”. No one. The very idea is beyond laughable. And what is the perfect complement to bacon (other than more bacon)? Yes, it’s a rhetorical question – of course the answer is a cold beer.

That’s why the Win-River Resort & Casino and Bella Vista Farms are proud to present Redding’s 6th Annual Bacon & Brewfest, where Bacon and Brew fans (which is pretty much everyone, right?) can unite and sample mouth-watering bacon-inspired appetizers, entrees, and desserts provided by restaurants from around the area. And as we’ve already established, what would bacon be without a cold one? You’ll be able to sample a variety of refreshing specialty brews from local microbrewerys at this unbelievably awesome event.

This is an interactive event, and YOU get to be the judge as vendors compete for prize money in the Event Center. You’ll also get to enjoy great music from The Stone Hearts, who will be performing live! Tickets are only $20. Tastings are included in the ticket price. Doors open at 6pm and the event ends at 9pm. Get your tickets at the River Club today!

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