Super Deepstack

Here’s some advice: go look at yourself in the mirror. Don’t blink. Don’t smile. Don’t twitch your eyebrows. You’re going to need your best poker face for this, so get rid of all your tells right now.

Win-River Resort & Casino is super excited to announce another $30,000 “Super Deepstack” Poker Tournament on Saturday, July 9 at 12pm (that’s High Noon for you Clint Eastwood fans) in our Event Center. The buy-in is $330 and gets you $20,000 in chips (all fees included). Yeah, we know – $30,000, $20,000, it can all get very confusing, but don’t worry about all that. If you have any questions, you can ask any of our friendly floor people and they’ll be happy to give you all the details. For a head start however, you can click on over to our Poker Room Guide.

This will be a great night of high-stakes poker, and it might go on for a while. If so, we’ve got you covered there too, because if you mention the “Super Deepstack” Tournament you’ll get a special $49 room rate so you can retire to a bed right in our luxurious hotel instead of having to drive all the way back home afterwards. You don’t even have to be all secret and covert with the “password”, everyone will know about it. Of course that only applies if there are rooms still available. We’re not kicking someone else out just because you procrastinated.

If you run late though – like maybe you catch every light in town or some jerk dropped a nail in the road that found its way into your tire – you can still get in on the action up until the first break. And if Lady Luck turns her back on you early on because of that really cute guy across the room with the chiseled chin, you can still buy back in up until the first break too. Maybe that guy will wind up being a jerk and she’ll come crawling back to you. Who knows?

And if she does you can afford to buy her dinner, because we’re including a $10 dining voucher with each buy-in. She doesn’t have to know that though, you can let her think you’re just a big spender.

The prize pool is based on 100 participants, and you can get the rest of the yada-yada-yada from our friendly floorperson (we’ve told you twice now, you have no excuses for not knowing).

Win-River Resort & Casino is your premier Poker and Table Games destination, and we’re proud to offer our guests the most exciting tournaments in Northern California. So make sure you plan a trip to visit the Poker Room or the 21 Pit for a thrilling get-away, and whatever you do don’t miss this tournament. And don’t eat yellow snow, either. We’re full of all kinds of good advice.

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