Guest Blogger: Craig Wages Jr, Training Specialist

Upon walking into the Event Center decorated with snow, icicles, and stars, it felt as though you were in a beautiful winter wonderland. Win-River Resort & Casino hosted their 2015 Team Member Holiday Party on Thursday, December 10, 2015. Win-River Resort & Casino invited all of their team members and all RREDCO Team Members to bring a guest and to party down at the River! The evening was filled with food, fun, raffle prizes, and chances to win in the Cash Cube. I noticed many team members from different departments hanging out and building relationships just as they do with guests. The dance party got started when DJ Unruly blasted team members’ special requests that quickly filled the LED dance floor with team members demonstrating their best dance moves! It was evident that as much as Win-River Resort & Casino focuses on providing a premier experience for their guests, they also realize that it is important to thank and appreciate the efforts put forth by the team members that build the experience for their guests. This was the main goal when putting together the 2015 Team Member Holiday Party. It is safe to say that it was successfully achieved by the smiles on their faces, the tables being filled with team members and their guests, and the joy shown in all the pictures taken at the event

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