Total Solar Eclipse Mania

Published on August 18, 2017 under Blog
If you haven’t heard by now about the Solar Eclipse you may be living under a rock. This historical phenomenon is bigger than the Y2K hysteria. Oregon is celebrating the eclipse with “Oregon SolarFest,” located in Madras. Thousands are descending on the small town to participate in the Solarfest adventures, from beer tasting, helicopter tours, hot air balloon rides and watching the eclipse. There have been reports of traffic backed up for miles and miles to attend the festival. VRBO homes have been renting for up to $3000 a night to witness the eclipse. This seems extreme because the highly…
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Unauthorized Rolling Stones

Published on August 14, 2017 under Blog
When you think of the great live rock acts of all time, the Rolling Stones have more than earned the right to be at, or at least near, the top of the list. Few groups can claim anywhere near the level of success that the Stones have achieved, let alone the number of years (decades!) they've been sitting on top of the rock world. Unfortunately and regardless of the title of one of their biggest hits, time isn't actually on anyone's side. It keeps on moving forward, like a... what is it that I'm thinking of... a falling rock? No,…
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The Great Debate – DC vs. Marvel

Published on August 11, 2017 under Blog
Guest Blogger: Andrew Hancock, Creative Designer DC vs. Marvel may not be the debate shaking the foundations of the modern world, but to the comic book community, it is certainly responsible for the most dorm room scuffles and a fair share of broken friendships. Long have these two warriors battled for supremacy, taking their conflict to the far reaches of space and time; endlessly pressing the envelope until comics became some absurdity disregarded by the masses for their lack of continuity and nonsensical story directions. These days, to have a conversation about comics you need to determine which universe and/or…
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